ECI donates 25,000 pounds of food to health departments with garden project

WESTOVER, Md.- Maryland’s largest state prison donated a total of 25,000 pounds of produce to the Somerset County Health Department.

Eastern Correctional Institution expanded their garden this summer to help feed inmates and the local community, adding two new gardens.

With the close of gardening season, the warden of ECI tells us this year was a success and also gave inmates positive experiences.

“Having the interaction with the custody staff, working on a project as big as the gardens to be that’s monumental.” Debora Darden, the ECI Warden, said. “It’s instrumental in helping to reduce recidivism when inmates go home and not only go home and have another trade under their belt, but something they have learned to do and cultivating a craft.”

We’re told in the last six years of the garden project, ECI has given out around 27 tons of produce altogether, and they are hoping to keep expanding the programs like this one in the community.

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