DSU Political Science Professor weighs in on Virginia’s Governor’s Race

VIRGINIA – A shift in politics could be seen after Republican Glenn Youngkin beat Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia’s Governor’s Race Tuesday.

“Alrighty, Virginia we won this thing,” Glenn Youngkin said.

Delaware State University Political Science Professor Dr. Samuel Hoff said the victory comes as a bit of a shock, looking back at public opinion polls in Virginia about a month ago.

“We see the former Governor Terry McAuliffe who’s running again after a 4-year hiatus according to Virginia law was up in the polls by 5 points,” Dr. Hoff said.

But, he said a week before the election polls showed a surprising turn with Challenger Glen Youngkin up by 8 points, and as Dr. Hoff explains there’s a number of things that could’ve led to this change.

“Certainly, the social issues that challenger Youngkin was focusing on what the former governor in debate made a mistake on in education and focusing on the critical race theory,” Dr. Hoff said.

Which, we’re told Youngkin’s campaign focused on issues like education and law enforcement.

“We’re going to comprehensively fund law enforcement because they stand up for us and we are gonna stand up for them,” Youngkin said. “We are going to invest in teachers, new facilities, special education.”

And, now with McAuliffe’s loss, Hoff told us it may put Democrats on edge heading into the 2022 midterm elections where they hold control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

“We can basically sit back and say look next year’s midterm elections are gonna result in a wipeout for the Democrats,” Dr. Hoff said. “They need to turn the social issues to their advantage and argue the positives of the various issues that relate to crime, abortion, and the other areas and not be played defense.”

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