Crisfield unveils new seafood mural

CRISFIELD, Md. – On Friday afternoon, the Greater Crisfield Action Coalition, along with Cambridge artist Michael Rosato, unveiled the city’s Seafood Workers mural.

We’re told the coalition and the Crisfield arts and entertainment district raised funds for this project. The mural is supposed to embody the seafood culture in the city and honor the water-men.

Those with coalition tell us, they want to grow the city and increase tourism. They say projects such as this mural, could help them do that.

“As many are coming to this area, attracted to the crabs the oysters, to the bay life, it’s a lovely small community with really terrific people,” says Frances Martinez-Myers, President of the coalition.

Meanwhile, the artist says he’s happy that his work can represent the strong culture and community.

“So the inspiration usually comes from the people that make up the community, and there’s always a person or many people that are inspiring so I just try to find that, tap into it, and paint it,” says Michael Rosato.

Those with the coalition also tell us, they’re focused on economic and business development like helping small businesses, building more houses, and adding more restaurants.

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