Cathedral of Love gives away free thanksgiving dinners, fights food insecurity

SALISBURY, Md- As families gather around the table for the Thanksgiving holiday, over 10 percent of Americans still struggle with food insecurity, reporting difficulty finding and affording meals for their families.

In Salisbury, the Cathedral of Love and community members are stepping up to help, and give out free food to those who need it this holiday season. 

We knew given everything that we’ve been through and going through currently with a lot of families hurting there would be a need for help in this community where there’s a lot of people who need help,” said Pastor Craig Wilson. 

He says his organization was thankful for the amount of food they were able to give away, with nearly all of the 150 prepared bags of food making their way to folks who needed them, even creating a line outside of the building before it opened at 11 a.m Thursday. He tells me his church wanted to give back and help those in his community, and give them something to be thankful for.

“Many of our members donated the food they cooked it, prepared it, and we hosted here at our church because we believe that being available to help people in times of need is what we are called to do and everyone’s got a giving heart at the church,” Wilson said.

He tells us times of need don’t just mean during the holidays, as food insecurity is a year-round concern for the community. Cathedral of Love has been giving out food on the first Friday of every month, but they say Thursday made it clear how great that need is. 

“Usually we have people walking up and it’s a more laid back event but we had a long line waiting to receive food all day today so the need had definitely changed in terms of the urgency of needing that assistance,” Wilson said. 

That assistance came in the form of 40 volunteers from the local branch of Kappa Alpha Psi and Road Wolves Motorcycle Club. Feeding the community was the mission of the church’s former leader, Rev. Dr. Annete P. Wilson who passed away from covid in December 2020. By keeping the event going they believe they’re keeping her mission and her kindness flowing through the community.

For years this was her vision, this was her love, so we believe we needed that this year and wanted to support for everyone that needs meals and don’t have anything to eat, it was important to come out for this vision that’s been set,”  Worship Master for Lamech Lodge and Kappa Alpha Phi member Tony Miller. 

Wilson tells us his church would like to do as many events as possible to keep people fed, and says the number one way to help is to volunteer, donate funds or food for them to distribute.

“Anybody who wants to donate their time, and resources to help us feed people we are always willing to receive it and thankful for it where ever it comes,” he said, adding, “We don’t know when we will be that person who needs to be in line for food or get help.”

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