2nd annual turkey dinner giveaway, working to bring change to the community

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – Co-owners of Groove City mini-mart, Isaac Adams and Buddy Ennals, hosted their 2nd annual Turkey dinner giveaway.

They tell us, their goal was to feed over 1,000 community members. Owners say they’ve been working tirelessly to pull this turkey giveaway together, and after the success of feeding 500 people last year, they say they worked hard to grow the event for this year.

Families could come and grab a turkey, cereal, pumpkin pie, stuffing, and other food items along with their fresh hot meal just in time for the holiday. We’re told, it’s not just about providing free meals, it’s about showing how anyone can become successful, and provide hope for their community.

“We can’t stop the murders, we can’t stop the violence, but we can bring hope to the community and that’s what we do bring home we bring smiles and we’re going to continue doing it,” says Adams. He adds, “I want my community to have hope and I’m not going anywhere until it’s done.”

Meanwhile, Ennals tells us, the recent violence just shows how much the community needs the work they’re doing. He says their work in the community is of the utmost importance, and whether it’s a hot meal or just some words of positivity, they want to make a change in Cambridge.

“We’re just trying to show everybody how to do the right thing, and show everybody you can succeed in life by running a successful business,” says Ennals. He adds, “I suggest we all we have all faith and no fear in the world, that’s all we can depend on, trying to stay positive and look forward and just take it one day at a time,”

Adams and Ennals also say they hope to feed even more community members each year and grow their business as well. They say they want to provide jobs for community members, and avenues for young kids to stay off of the streets.

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