SU Chapter of the NAACP calling for change during rally, requesting meeting with SU President

SALISBURY, Md.- On Friday, students and organizations made a call for action. The SU chapter of the NAACP held a rally to express concerns about the ongoing operations and personnel.

When it comes to operations, the chapter said they are upset with the dismemberment and uprooting of staff for the Multicultural Student Services. They also said there’s a lack of recruitment and retention of staff and faculty of color, especially in the counseling center.

During the rally, they also explained there’s a lack of staffing and resources not only within the Disability Resource Center, but overall campus resources for people with disabilities. In addition, they said there’s a lack of specificity pertaining to acts of discrimination within social contracts produced by Student Conduct and Human Resources.

The President of the SU chapter of the NAACP said after promises to ensure the campus is safe and diverse confidence among marginalized groups is slowly fading and they want change.

“How diversity and equity is being marketed, but the actions aren’t matching here at SU,” Dorien Rogers, President of the SU Chapter of NAACP, said. “Consistency and consciousness are two different concepts that we need to ensure that we bring cultural, and structural change here at Salisbury University and abroad so continue to fight the good fight.”

The NAACP is now asking for a list of things to be done by the university. They want them to formulate, review, allocate, and implement an open search for a full-time director of Multicultural Student Services, and to create and implement a departmental budget for that office comparable to the structure of the Multicultural Student Service within the Division of Student Affairs.

Additionally, they want them to formulate, review, and implement plans for the recruitment and retention of counselors, especially counselors of color, within the Counseling Center. They’re asking for greater resources to be allocated, per the recommendations of the Director of Disability Resource Center, for more staffing in DRC. And, the group wants the creation of a parking pass for people with disabilities.

In addition, they want to formulate, allocate, review, and implement the creation of an official ADA compliance officer within the Office of Institutional Equity.

Lastly, they want the university to formulate, review, and implement greater clarity and specificity on acts of discrimination within the Code of Community Standards and Human Resources.

The Chief of Staff at SU said he knows students have concerns and the university wants to work with the students to make progress.

“It’s been a challenge to bring people and we think its really important that we bring the right people on to the campus to fill these critical roles, so that’s been a challenge and we’ve heard that pretty loud and clear from students and we want to continue to work with them to get an understanding on how we can all make progress on this variety of issues together,” Eli Modlin, the Chief of Staff at SU, said.

Modlin also says the President of SU has always had an open-door policy and hiring staff has been difficult due to the pandemic.

The NAACP is now requesting a meeting with President Charles Wight within the next two weeks.

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