Slaughter Beach could see some changes with proposed redistricting map

SLAUGHTER BEACH, Del.- If you take a trip to Slaughter Beach, you’ll find a small town surrounded by the ocean and lots of nature.

“We are a wildlife habitat sanctuary it’s one of the top spawning places for horseshoe crabs in the world,” Mayor Kathleen Lock of Slaughter Beach said.

These are just a few of the things the town prides themselves on. In addition, to the great partnerships they have around Sussex County, but a proposed redistricting could impact these things.

“In, our case we have always been historically in a district that is predominantly in Sussex county Delaware, in this new proposed map we would be changed and moved to an area that’s historically been in Kent county,” Mayor Lock said.

Currently, Slaughter Beach is in Senate District 18 and if the proposal goes through it could shift to Senate District 16. With this switch, we’re told it could hurt residents trying to get their voices heard.

“You know we are a tiny town so we really don’t have a lot of influence within the state government, but this would certainly dilute any influence that we’ve had,” Mayor Lock said.

Representative Bryan Shupe, who is the State Representative for the 36th District, agrees.

“I think it would be very tough to take now all of this energy and all of this representation that they have over the years and go to now a central district that’s mainly placed in Dover, Representative Shupe said.

And, this could separate Slaughter Beach from surrounding partners such as the city of Milford and other Coastal towns.

“Milford residents were going to the beach but more than that it has a historic connection with the Mispillion River, which is a spot of ecotourism for both towns 06 that is connected through funding, connected through infrastructure, and has really been a blue and greenway for travels throughout this area,” Representative Shupe said.

With these concerns in mind, the Mayor of Slaughter Beach said she’s brought her worries to the senate committee and is hoping for the best.

“I’m pretty confident they’ve heard our concerns and they will take that into consideration as they do the final map change,” Mayor Lock said.

We did reach out to the representative from District 18, as well as District 16, to get their take on it, but we did not hear back.

The next process is leadership from both the house and the Senate who will take those concerns into consideration. Then they will then come to a full vote both on the House and Senate floor on November 1st.

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