Salisbury University hosting events to honor LGBTQ+ History Month

SALISBURY, Md. – In honor of LGBT history month, Salisbury University is hosting a number of events to foster discussion and understanding.

It all starts on Sunday with a screening and discussion of ‘The Word is Out,’ stories of people coming out and celebrating their community. Other events throughout the month include a candle light vigil, a reading series, and more discussions.

Professor T. Ross Leasure, who has students working on the events, says it all about bringing awareness and education to the campus during the month.

“We foster an environment of tolerance and acceptance that allows those who feel left out or otherwise devalued to take pride in their own experience,” he said.

Throughout the month, there will also be a virtual video project online called ‘Coming Out: Stories of Support on the Shore,’ which features people in the Salisbury area and their allies.

To find a full list of the events for the month, visit the university’s website.

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