Proposed program aims to bring more affordable housing to Salisbury

SALISBURY, Md. – Salisbury City Council members met today with one topic at the center of discussion, affordable housing.

The PILOT program ordinance was brought to the table and it would provide a tax credit of $400 per unit, as an incentive for the construction of more affordable housing in the area. The program is a part of Mayor Day’s “Here is Home” initiative announced last month.

Developers must meet certain requirements including housing that identifies and low income and specific rental rates. Council members tell 47 ABC that housing is one of the many areas of focus for the city in hopes of creating a place more people can call home.

“The cost of housing has become very difficult for any in the area, particularly for those on the lower income scale to be able to afford to live anywhere,” said Salisbury City Council’s Michele Gregory. “I think going forward, we’re being very proactive in how we are tackling this issue and I think this is going to become a model of how other municipalities on the lower shower help their community members.”

Now, this was only a proposal, as this piece of legislation will still have to pass a first and second reading. The first reading is scheduled for October 25th.

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