Police across Maryland attend conference in OC, looking forward to new funding provided by state

OCEAN CITY, Md. – The Clarion Hotel was filled Monday with vendors and local leaders, as the joint conference of Maryland Chiefs of Police Association and the Maryland Sheriffs’ Association kicked off.

“It gives us information on the new mandates and the new laws that are taking place, plus we get a chance to work with some of our local vendors to support us with police technology and software,” Sheriff Matt Crisafulli with Worcester County said.

We’re told by Sheriff Crisafulli discussing those new policies is important as they impact how officers work together and with the community.

“It’s critical,  we need to have all of our law enforcement officers executives together so we can brainstorm in round table and come up with best practices with a lot of mandates and new laws taking place, I feel like this is the only way we can achieve these goals by working together and working in person,” Sheriff Crisafulli said.

In addition, to these discussions Governor Larry Hogan showed his support for law enforcement, talking about additional funding through his new “Refund the Police” Initiative.

“A lot of our police departments are underfunded, understaffed, undermanned, and having a difficult time and some of our local jurisdictions are talking about taking money away and I said if we want to keep our neighborhood safe we really have to invest more,” Governor Hogan said.

Governor Hogan said that $150 million will go into training, recruitment, equipment, and more.

“I think it’s going to have a big impact from all of the chiefs and sheriffs that I’ve spoken with, I think they are pretty excited about it,” Governor Hogan said. “We increased the state aid to local police forces by 50 percent, which is a pretty big deal I mean it’s never happened before.”

Something that Sheriff Crisafulli agrees will make a positive impact.

“We have a training budget so this can kinda help us go outside and get that additional training outside of our normal training budget,” Sheriff Crisafull said. “Getting good qualified law enforcement officers and retention because some of this money is going to go to an increase in salaries, so we have to be competitive.”

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