New partnership with DSU brings international opportunities for students

DOVER, Del. – On Monday morning, the U.S. Agency for International Development made a historic partnership with its first historically black college, Delaware State University.

“It’s one of those really important seeds that if planted correctly, could grow a really big tree,” says DSU’s President, Dr. Tony Allen.

DSU took a giant step becoming the first HBCU in the nation to partner with the U.S. AID. We’re told, the goal is to advance agriculture-led economic growth, nutrition, water security, sanitation, and hygiene. U.S. Senator Chris Coons says this is a great next chapter in the first state’s history.

“It’ll create opportunities for students and faculty to be exposed to the remarkable work of U.S. AID here in the United States and around the world.”

The U.S. AID employs thousands of Americans who serve more than 80 countries around the world. Monday’s memorandum of understanding signed by DSU and the U.S. AID will help create new internships and research to strengthen the work they do.

“The work has been done here, the scholarships are going, the students have been going off to do great things in the world what we can do here as U.S. AID as we can bring the light,” says¬†Samantha Power, Administrator of the U.S. AID.

Power tells 47 ABC, the innovative research they’re doing at the university is what drew the agency to Delaware’s only HBCU, adding the partnership is long overdue.

“Students should not think that because this organization has traditionally not recruited at historically black colleges and universities, that there that is going to be the future, we are changing things,” states Power.

Dr. Allen tells us, this partnership will help students see their fullest potential to make a difference around the world. “They need these relationships too so that means we have to get it right first, and also make sure we’re exposing the nature and talent of our HBCUs across the country.” He adds, “This gives them the opportunity to see themselves in really big organizations, doing really big things, and I think opening those doors could really change a lot of lives.”

Representatives from both DSU and U.S. AID say this partnership will lay the groundwork for future partnerships with other HBCUs.

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