New legislation to close health insurance gaps

MARYLAND – On Tuesday, U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen introduced a piece of legislation that aims to provide affordable health insurance more accessible.

We’re told the Easy enrollment in health care act streamlines health care enrollment for uninsured families. Plus, it could help close the gap on eligible, but uninsured Americans.

Under the bill, when Americans file their federal income taxes, there would be a box that one could check. Then the IRS would share the data with the state health department.

The health department would then send information directly to the taxpayer about enrolling in the highest possible coverage, with no premiums. “This is the enrollment gap and it’s hurting families across the board, it’s especially hurting families of color,” says Sen. Van Hollen. He adds, “It’s pretty clear we have a lot of work to do and sticking with the status quo isn’t as effective as it can be.”

This piece of legislation will be introduced to congress soon.

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