Mandala Pies celebrates one year, planning first Vienna 5k

VIENNA, Md. – Mandala Pies bakery celebrated their one year anniversary Sunday afternoon and the owner says she hopes to continue bringing the town together with their pies. Caitlin LaComb, owner of Mandala Pies tells us, they opened during the pandemic and weren’t sure what to expect.

LaComb sells pies at her shop, and at local farmers markets and says that’s given the business a chance to gain customers.

Saturday, they were able to gather with some of their supporters to celebrate all their achievements. “I feel like thinking about that it’s been a year, like this past year has really been like 5 years,” says LaComb. She adds, “It’s kind of nice to slow down, and kind of focus more on the bakery and in Vienna which is really the goal anyway.”

Now that the summer season is winding down and the focus is on holiday baking, LaComb says now she’s putting more of a focus on helping the community in Vienna grow as a whole.

She tells us the goal is to attract more people to the town, and LaComb says she’s doing that through the planning of such as their first 5k run. “The goal is to get people here to see the town to fall in love with it and hopefully plan a trip back on their own one day,” says LaComb. She adds, “How can we team up with the town government, how can I team up with other businesses to make something happen and kind of use our bakery as a catalyst to develop the town and also the county.”

LaComb also says, she wants her bakery to mean more than just a place to buy delicious pies and wants to emphasize how important it is to support local businesses big and small.

Their 5k will be held November 6th, details can be found by clicking here.

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