Local vet reminding pet owners of Halloween safety

QUEENSTOWN, Md. – It’s officially Halloween weekend and that means tons of kids will be out in costume collecting candy this weekend. But local vets are reminding pet owners to keep that candy away from their four-legged friends.

Chocolate especially can pose health risks for dogs, and so it’s important to make sure it’s not in a spot where pets can reach it and potentially eat it.

Dr. Marianne Bailey with the Queenstown Veterinary Hospital says while candy can pose a risk to pets, you should also make sure they can’t get their paws on costumes, either, and potentially eat or chew on any part of a costume.

“These items can cause really bad stomach upsets, where they can be vomiting or diarrhea, or in some cases, intestinal obstruction, so they can chew a ball off some part of your kids costume and then the next thing you know it’s stuck in the intestines and it can’t pass and we need emergency surgery to remove that,” Dr. Bailey said.

She  says it’s also important to be mindful of pets while trick or treating, and they should be kept in crates or in a room with the door closed so that they can’t accidentally get out.

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