Local couple starts real estate solutions company, helping others while following a passion


SALISBURY, Md.  “I said you know with all the knowledge that we’ve seen and heard about real estate and you have to actually work on things that have to do with homes, which are very expensive and pricey, let’s see what we can do to further that,” said Manager of Saintly Real Estate Solutions Natalie Saint-Phard.

That was the moment when Saintly Real Estate Solutions came alive, a business started by Natalie Saint-Phard and her husband Ben.

The focus is on property management and to help homeowners who are financially distressed sell their homes quickly, something that’s become an even bigger need with eviction moratoriums now expired. “So people are looking at their situations differently, people are downsizing, people are moving out of cities and into suburbs and different things,” said Saint-Phard.

That change in the market is why experts say aspiring homeowners must start preparations early. “So now the preparation for buyers is a lot different than what it used to be because now you have to have x-y-z amount of money saved up so you can be in the best position to secure the house you want,” said Real Estate Agent Trenace Josiah.

I’m told that in the world of real estate, money talks. Experts say that if homeownership is someone’s ultimate goal.

“It may mean that you can’t live the way you used to live. It may be that you don’t buy Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, or eat out all the time. Maybe you start to save some more money. Instead of buying those things, you’re paying down a credit card or you’re putting additional money towards your student loans,” said Josiah.

As Saint-Phard continues her journey, in an industry where only few look like herself, she says she wants to inspire others. “You can be scared, it’s good to feel scared but use that to motivate you,” said Saint-Phard. “Once people know a little bit more or they can see people like me who’s a mom, who’s a wife, and someone coming into the industry and saying that I want to tackle this, I want a piece of my pie for my family. I think other people would be encouraged to do the same.”

I’m told, real estate is an action-based business and Saint-Phard says she heavily using social media as her biggest tool to get the word out about her business.

Saintly Real Estate Solutions also tells 47 ABC, there are plans on an expansion that include rentals, construction, and multi-state offices in the DMV and Florida.

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