Hemp program at UMES brings next step in the agriculture industry

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. – At University of Maryland Eastern Shore, their hemp program is in full bloom and those with the program tell us it’s going to benefit the eastern shore.

Students involved in the program are learning how to grow, cultivate, understand the harvest process, how to dry hemp, trim, and extract the plants. We’re told since the legalization for farmers to grow hemp, the industry continue to grow and UMES is staying with the times.

The crops have over 30,000 uses, which go beyond medicinal and recreational. The hemp program at the University dives into the hemp industry and the different variates which can become the next step in the agriculture industry here on the eastern shore. “Hemp is a really fast growing industry by far, creating the most number of jobs in any other industry in the U.S right now,” says Dr. Sadanand Dhekney, Associate Professor of plant breeding and biotechnology and director of UMES’ Industrial Hemp Program. He adds, “We take a crop such as hemp and provide them the extra training or this added training where they can utilize their knowledge to get these high paying jobs in the industry.”

If you’d like a tour of the farms, they are open to the public and you can learn more about the program by clicking here.

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