Good Morning Delmarva team takes on Nightmare’s Haunted House

LAUREL, Del. – Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re looking to get into the spooky spirit, the Good Morning Delmarva team has the perfect spot for you. 47 ABC’s Deana Harley and Meteorologist Sloane Haines got to get a personal look at Nightmare’s Haunted House in Laurel.

“This is one of the best haunted houses in Sussex County, so if you want to have a great scare, this is the place to be,” Owner Gary Reed said. He says they kept their doors open and the screams coming last Halloween season during the pandemic, but this year things are revamped and even scarier.

“With covid happening last year, we still had great numbers, but this year we’re going to be even better, we’re seeing more people wanting to come out of their house, and wanting to have fun, and so this is one way they can actually get out and do it,” he said.

And with those covid restrictions gone, Gary says that means the terrifying actors in the house can get up close and personal.

‘We’re actually able to get our scares in a little bit more, last year they had to keep a larger distance, 8-feet away, this year we’re actually able to get about 3-feet, so we’re able to scare a lot better,” Reed said.

And with something around every single corner, Gary says you never know what you’re going to get.

“We’ve got a lot of jump scares, we’ve got a lot of pop up stuff, we’ve got things that shoot air out, air blasters, so it’s just a lot of between fun and scary, we try to bring it together,” he said.

And Sloane and Deana can confirm – the scares and the screams keep coming. About half way through their trip to the house, 47 ABC photographer Mike had to check in on them.

“I need a break,” Deana said. “I feel like I just ran a 5k,” Sloane added.

If you’ve been through the house before and think you know what to expect, Gary says think again. With new staff members on board, he says they’ve brought some new, terrifying ideas.

“A lot of these new people, they’re younger, so they have more fresh ideas, what appeals to the younger crowd, where I’m a little bit older, and I don’t know exactly what the younger people like, so it’s nice to have the younger people come in and give fresh ideas,” Gary said.

So from killer butchers, to a creepy nursery, down to some scary movie characters, if you want to be creeped out, Nightmare’s Haunted House is waiting for you.

“We’re a lot of fun, we’re a big family, come out and see us,” Gary said.


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