DSU Inspire Scholarship expands, providing students an opportunity to attend tuition free


DOVER, Del. –  Governor John Carney’s signature now makes Senate Bill 95 law and means a brighter future for students at the first state’s only HBCU.

“Really its over 3 governors, 3 Delaware State University Presidents, and a host of teammates and friends in the legislature that have helped get this bill to the finish line,” DSU President Dr. Tony Allen. “Really what it does is fully fund the Inspire Scholarship.”

In years past, funding limitations of the scholarship didn’t allow many to complete their degrees, but now that changes. “Not just their own life, but the life of their families, parents, and other siblings that wanted to go to college. It just opens up a world of opportunities for young people and students who are now able to graduate debt free,” said DSU Board of Trustees’ Dr. Devona Williams.

The bill signing also marked the 10 year anniversary of the scholarship and students say its true worth is invaluable. “This semester I think I paid only $100 out of pocket for college and that means more than I can possibly say,” said Sophomore Kennadie Patterson.

Ultimately, I’m told this just gives students an extra tool they need to enter the workforce prepared, not only in Delaware, but across the region. “It really helped out because it’ll help me get a higher education here so I’ll be able to move forward in the future and be financially stable enough to get into a good med school and pay for that,” said one DSU Junior student.

“To not only make sure that they’re exceptional students, but also exceptional citizens who understand the ethic of giving back as they have been given to,” said Dr. Allen.

I’m told, this scholarship has been crucial to the success of many students, and hopes it continues to inspire more to pursue their dreams.

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must be a Delaware resident and have a 2.75 GPA or higher.

There is also a community service element to the scholarship, allowing students to further their education and become upstanding citizens.

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