Details released in McKnight and Thomas investigation, machete involved

LINKWOOD, Md. – Maryland State Police and the Dorchester County sheriff’s office are looking into the murder of 77 year old Douglass W. McKnight. Two arrests were made in connection of the murder, Octavius Thomas and McKnight’s son, Douglas L McKnight.

Sunday afternoon, Dorchester County sheriff’s deputies were called to a home on Ocean gateway in Linkwood. Police say his son, who is now a suspect, was the one who called 911. Once they arrive, police say they found the victim with a gunshot wound to the head and lacerations to the neck, head, and arms. He was pronounced dead on scene.

However, as investigators started reviewing surveillance video, they say the son was seen arriving at the home in his vehicle within five minutes of the 911 call. Investigators also found 12-gauge shotgun shells near the victim, and matching shells in the suspect’s pockets. Searching the suspect’s vehicle, investigators also found an 18 inch long machete with blood on it.  Police say, they think the victim and suspect had a fight over finances after the father cut his son off financially.

The victim told the the suspect to leave the property after the argument, according to court documents. The suspect admitted to planning a robbery with a second suspect, Octavius Thomas. The suspect says he dropped Thomas in the woods and told him to rob the victim. However, Thomas came back covered in blood and carrying a large amount of cash.

Police say even with all these details, there’s still a a lot of missing pieces to the story. “Our investigators are trying to just piece together exactly what led up to this case, how this occurred and find out if anybody else may have been involved in this case,” says Ron Snyder, a spokesperson for MSP. He adds, “It’s going to take some time to piece everything together as this case plays out, I’m sure we’ll get the answers to all those questions.”

Now police also tell 47 ABC, they’re going to be digging deeper into the relationship between the suspect and victim, and the suspect’s criminal record. We’re also told the suspects, McKnight and Thomas are in custody at the Dorchester county detention center. McKnight is being held without bail, and Thomas has a hearing and is waiting for a bail review.

MSP ask if anyone has information regarding the case to call 443-480-6818.

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