Community members to expect blue pumpkins for Halloween

DELMARVA – As community members approach Halloween, a local organization is making sure candy givers and families are aware of the blue pumpkin.

We’re told the blue pumpkins lets families know a child has autism, and may be unable to say trick or treat or thank you, or may even react to big lights or spooky noises.

Easterseals, an organization that works with those with disabilities tells 47 ABC, although there is an ongoing debate on whether or not kids should self-identify, which could set themselves apart, they say it’s important to create more awareness around children dealing with autism, especially around the holidays.

“The main thing is to raise the awareness of all of the different needs of all of the families and all of the children that we work with,” says Brenna Meixner, a Clinical Coordinator with Easterseals. She adds, “They need love, need to be cared for they need to grow as humans. So our ability to do that and provide everybody with these activities and interactions is what is great about it.”

Meixner also tells us, the number of children with autism is increasing every day, and simple things like carrying a blue pumpkin during Halloween just continue to raise awareness.