City of Salisbury announces launch of Pocket Pollinator Meadow Program

Pollinator Habitiat Blooming

SALISBURY, Md. – The City of Salisbury has announced the passing of legislation allowing for Pocket Pollinator Meadows in yards within city limits.

We’re told the City Council voted Monday night to pass the ordinance, officially amending City property maintenance code to allow for well-maintained Pocket Pollinator meadows. Meadows are a planned, intentional, and maintained planting of native grasses and wildflowers that are commonly found in meadow and prairie plant communities. They are small, native plantings, offering the same ecological benefits of wild meadows but on a more manageable scale. They provide pollen, nectar, seed resources, nesting sites, and a protected environment for the city’s native bee and butterfly species.

Residents participating in Salisbury’s Meadow Program will have to first register for the program on the City’s website and follow a few rules in order to be exempt from property code violations. Meadows must be managed in a manner that it does not become stagnant or weed infested, and should not allow for noxious weed growth. Meadows should include, at minimum, a majority of plants native to Maryland.

To learn more or to register a pocket meadow, click here.

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