ACLU of Delaware holds panel discussion over legal guardianship Tuesday

DELAWARE – A panel discussion was held by the ACLU of Delaware to go over legal guardianship.

Guardianship is a person who is appointed by the Court to make medical and/or financial decisions for a person. A person placed under guardianship may lose the ability to make decisions about finances, healthcare, or even their right to vote.

During the event, leaders explored questions on how guardianships work, when they may be necessary, and what alternatives may be used to protect the person’s rights, as well as what changes people would like to see for the guardianship process.

“Huge reduction in the number of people going anywhere near guardianship, and have a much easier system for people to get out and also systems to get support and for families and people around to have the information they need to understand what choice they are making if they choose to pursue guardianship because I think it’s very common that people don’t know what the alternatives are,” Zoe Brennan-Krohn, staff attorney with ACLU Disability Rights Program, said.

One other thing that was mentioned is we don’t have nationwide data about guardianship. Also, when it comes to voting, it varies state by state if people are under guardianship.

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