80th National Folk Fest having $19.8M long-term economic impact

SALISBURY, Md.-  The City of Salisbury received results for how the 80th National Folk Festival impacted the economy.

The Business and Economic Community Outreach Network at Salisbury University suggest that the festival had a nearly $19.8 million in long-term economic impact.

Mayor Jake Day said that most of that number reflects the direct money spent during the weekend of the festival by visitors, vendors, and performers.

He added that these numbers show how much of an effect the festival has on the local economy, bringing people from all over.

“Everything we do we do for the people here and so when others are interested in coming here and putting outside dollars into our economy which is how an economy grows I think we have to look at that as gravy because its wonderful and it helps an event that only requires a million dollars from a community approximately into the event,” Mayor Jake Day said.

We are told the study also suggests that of the festivals 91,000 attendees, 35,000 traveled to Salisbury from outside of the area.

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