Wor-Wic Community College breaks ground on new applied sciences building

SALISBURY, Md. – Wor-Wic Community College broke ground on a brand new Applied Sciences building Thursday afternoon.

Campus administrators say the new building will have specialized electrical and engineering equipment for students to use while learning a whole range of disciplines.

The $36 million project also features new roadways and an expanded campus parking lot in front of Brunkhorst Hall.

They say the new construction will be state of the art and feature a first floor that is 1.5 stories tall to accommodate all the equipment and materials students will be able to take advantage of as they use it for a range of studies and disciplines.

“HVAC, automation programming and logic controller pack training, the welding plumbing just all types of industrial maintenance type programming will be facilities as part of the new building,” said VP of Academic Affairs for Wor-Wic Kristin Mallory.

School leaders say the project will also focus on training for renewable energy repair and engineering.

Mallory said she is hoping the new educational programming that will be offered with the new building will help to make sure WorWic students are well prepared for the future with programming that’s forward-looking.

The building is expected to open in the fall of 2023 with those new courses that take advantage of the materials already in development by faculty.

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