Weather Tidbits: Full Moon Nicknames

This Weather Tidbits describes the 12 full moons and their monthly nicknames. January is the wolf moon and is due to wolves howling more at this time of the year. February is the snow moon and named for the frequent snowfall. March is the worm moon because of earthworms emerging in the warm soil inviting birds & signaling the start of spring. April is the pink moon and its not pink, but named for the wild ground phlox, one of the 1st flowers to bloom in the spring. May is the flower moon and its named for the abundance of colorful flowers sprung.

June is the strawberry moon and its due to strawberries being harvested & ripen during this time of the year. July is the buck moon and at the time of the year, a buck’s antlers are in full growth mode. August is the sturgeon moon and its named for giant sturgeon being caught in the great lakes and lake Champlain during this part of the year. September is the corn moon and is due to corn being harvested. October is the hunter’s moon and named for fattened animals that were hunted for the upcoming winter. November is the beaver moon and named for beavers taking shelter in their lodges for winter but also for being trapped for their fur. December is the cold moon and is due to the frigid conditions settling in.

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