Vietnam war veterans to be honored in Saturday morning ceremony

KENT CO., Del. – Twenty-six Vietnam war veterans from different states were celebrated throughout the week, and are preparing for a final ceremony on Saturday to honor all that they did. 
We’re told the veteran aviators were a part of the dust-off crews charged with saving 900,000 lives during the Vietnam war. The week included a trip to the Vietnam wall in D.C., Fort Miles in Lewes, along with a tour of the AMC Museum at Dover Air force base, as well as dinner.
We’re told Saturday, there will be a ceremony where 100 bricks will be dedicated in honor of the veterans and those who lost their lives. The bricks will create a walk of honor placed under the Huey Park.
Officials from the committee say these men will always be heroes even years later.
“We have several people on our own chapter 850 here in Kent county that were saved by these dust-off people,” says Dave Skocik, Public Relations representative for Chapter 850 Vietnam Veterans of America, Kent County. He adds, “No matter when you served, what conflict you served in, what runs through veterans is that whole morality of duty in another country and we all talk to one another across generations and we certainly look forward to seeing people.”
We’re told the public is invited to the event, and if you want to learn more about it just head to their website.
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