Teacher Affirmations Book aims to inspire educators, bring positivity to the classroom

DELMARVA –  With the school year back in full effect, one local professor is giving teachers an extra tool to help them keep their busy days positive.

Dr. Richard Warren, Hazel Professor at University of Maryland Eastern Shore, created the Teacher Affirmation Book.

The free e-book includes 10 affirmations, aiming to provide teachers with a positive outlook as they navigate through their day-to-day workload.

Dr. Warren says that one of the things that’s commonly overlooked is a teacher’s well-being.

As the field of education continues to evolve, he adds this not only will be beneficial to current educators but ones in the making.  “So what they learn now in college, when they get into the field it could change. So the only thing that remains constant is how you think about it,” said Dr. Richard Warren “I believe that the genesis of teaching well, is being well. If you want to teach well, you have to be well.”

Dr. Warren says that so far he’s received overwhelming support from fellow educators and over 100 downloads of the e-book.

He adds that he hopes to make an extended version of the booklet as well.

If you’d like to download the booklet, follow the link here.

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