Second annual Maryland Restaurant Week kicks off Friday

MARYLAND – More than a year and a half into the COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurants are still feeling the impact. That’s why Maryland Restaurant Week is coming back for its second year, starting September 17th. “Last year we had a lot of momentum and a lot of great feedback on having a statewide restaurant week, where the restaurants from every jurisdiction and every county could participate. We decided to keep that momentum,” said President and CEO of the Maryland Restaurant Association Marshall Weston.

Last year the week-long event was held to help customers back into restaurants struggling to pay the bills. The success of last year’s event is why the Weston says they’re making the second year even bigger and better. “We have been very inclusive in this process. We’ve been trying to get your local breakfast diner, fine dining, take out, even fast casual and other chain restaurants to participate. They’ve all been very receptive to this,” said Weston.

The deals vary depending on where you eat. But Weston says they can include fixed menus, take out deals, and featured menu items. “There’s going to be a real mixed bag of different things that people can try, and that’s what kind of makes this restaurant week different. Every restaurant, no matter who you are, can participate,” said Weston.

More importantly, Weston says the event is a chance to communities to reconnect. “They love a reason to go out to eat. They love a reason to not only support their favorite local restaurant, but maybe try something new. From our restaurants’ perspective, this is just a great reminder to everyone about how important they are to every neighborhood and community,” said Weston.

Maryland Restaurant Week ends on the 26th. Hundreds of eateries are participating. Click here to find out where you can score some sweet deals and delicious food.

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