Seagull Century coming up, will bring in money for city and SU


Seagull Century is right around the corner.

4,000 riders will be lining the streets of Salisbury as they speed off on October 9th through parts of the Eastern Shore.

“I think a lot of people are really looking forward to getting back to in-person activities,” Jason Rhodes, Salisbury University Public Relations Director, said.

“Having an event like this, lifts spirits, it lifts the spirits of the business community,” Bill Chambers, CEO of the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce, said.

Last year the event was just virtual. This year it’s back in person, but it’s much more than just a ride.

“The impact on the local community will be obviously much greater because this time instead of the cyclists riding in their own communities and showcasing their rides on our social media pages they’ll actually be coming into Salisbury,” Rhodes said.

Salisbury University said the event not only brings in money for the school.

“Seagull Century has a multi-million dollar impact on the city of Salisbury and surrounding areas,” Rhodes said. “And that impact trickles down from the hotel industry to the gas stations, to restaurants to shopping because people who come to Seagull Century to ride also bring their families who many not ride so they are looking for things to do as well.”

And while it’s been a rough past year for the hospitality and restaurant industry, Chambers said having people walk through their doors makes a difference.

“They want their customers to be in their restaurants and hotels, they want people dining, they want them to feel safe,” Chambers said. “Seeing people from out of town, seeing people period, but seeing visitors from out of town and their families come into town to support them is a really big deal.”

Registration is now closed for Seagull Century both in-person and virtually.

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