Seaford switching to state’s system for voting registration

SEAFORD,Del.- The city recently discussed how they’re going to handle changes when it comes to elections.

Mayor David Genshaw said in the past people come sign their name in a book to register to vote for city elections.

That book is maintained at city hall and then when election time rolls around city officials would look up your name in a book, then you vote.

But, this year the city signed up to use the state’s system of registered voters.

So, all people will need to do is go Delaware’s page online and register to vote.

“This will eliminate maybe the confusing part about do I have to take a second step now to vote in a local election,” Mayor David Genshaw, of Seaford, said.

“Now, you gotta hope the state maintains their books, so now we’re dependent upon the state having accurate records,” Genshaw said.

Mayor Genshaw added that in previous elections candidates would tell people who weren’t registered to vote that they needed to sign the book.

But, people sometimes would never sign the book and then they couldn’t vote in the election because it was too late to add their name.

So, this election change will help with this challenge.

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