‘Rally for Red’ fundraiser to help Delaware man battle stage four lung cancer

MILTON, Del. – Ryan Ennis, a Delaware man was recently diagnosed with stage four metastatic lung cancer, but he isn’t taking on this fight alone. The community is now rallying behind him with a fundraiser at Revelation beer gardens at Hudson Fields in Milton, DE, called Rally for Red, with all the proceeds going to Ryan and his family. “We’ve seen how this community is willing to not only dive deep in the depths of their pockets to help but pour out their souls in any which way that they can to help,” says Ryan Ennis.

Ennis is a husband and a father and is taking on a life-altering challenge. He tells us, after the recent struggle with complications with his newborn son, this was the last thing he expected. “We thought that was kind of the big test turns out God had other plans for us,” says Ennis.

As a man who’s never smoked in his life, his lung cancer comes as a surprise, but he says it’s just a part of the cards he’s been dealt and he’s ready to play them.
His family tells 47 ABC, his humble and uplifting attitude is what inspired the community. “This outpouring of support from the community that he’s touched, I think it speaks volumes to his character and to what he does every day, day in and day out,” says Ennis’s dad, Chris Ennis.

Now community members are finding a way to show their support. Revelation beer gardens are hosting a Rally for Red, fundraiser at Hudson fields with all the proceeds going to Ryan and his family. “We thought it was just gonna be a little gathering that had turned into a massive fundraiser with the help of a lot of people in the community,” says one of the event organizers and bartender at Revelation, Robin Verdery.

Event organizers tell 47 ABC, they’ve known Ryan for years, and seeing a kind soul deal with this, is heartbreaking. However, they say he isn’t the type to just give up when life gets tough. “We just wanted to help make a difference because he’s made a difference in all of our lives in one way or another,” says Kyle Schaffer, event organizer, bartender, and Marketing Director at Revelation. She also adds, “Just to be able to give back to him and his family and to help with whatever we can do as a community, he deserves it.”

The event is more than just helping Ryan and his family, it’s about bringing awareness to cancer. “As long as you’re still here and you’ve got breath in your lungs, Gods not done with you yet and you’re here for a purpose, it’s always too soon to give up because you never know who you’re inspiring,” says Ryan. Verdery adds, “God has entered this man’s life, and that’s what’s helping him get through it is his faith.”

Ryan and his family also tell us, they want his story to touch lives and motivate people because although Ryan doesn’t know his future, he knows the fight isn’t over. “The biggest thing we try to tell him is, we got this and we’re fighting this together,” says Chris. Ryan adds, “It took a while to hit I’m wrapping my head around it, but there’s a reason for this and that this test is a part of my testimony moving forward.”

Event organizers also tell 47 ABC, Revelation beer gardens donate their proceeds every weekend to Beebe medical care from April to October, and this month Beebe agreed to allow them to donate their proceeds, to Ryan Ennis and his family.

The Rally for Red fundraiser is from 12 to 6 p.m. this Sunday, September 19th, at Revelation beer gardens at Hudson fields in Milton, DE.

If you want more information on how you can help out, donate, or attend, just head to their Facebook page.

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