President Biden proclaims National Small Business Week, local business owners happy with news

DELMARVA – Throughout the pandemic, the word support has a huge meaning, especially for small businesses who’ve faced challenges.

“We have a great local base, and honestly that’s the only reason why I’m still standing,” Gina March, owner of Bomshell Boutique, said.

Which makes President Joe Biden’s recent proclamation that much sweeter.

He declared September 12 through 18 National Small Business Week.

And business owners told us they are grateful.

“Any kind of representation that you can get is awesome,” Nicole Bishop Herr, owner of Blackwater Apothecary, said.

“Maybe about time, small businesses are definitely I think the future, especially in this small town,” March said.

Two Salisbury business owners said it shines a light on all that small businesses do and reminds people to shop local.

Adding, it’s positive news as they needed to work through hurdles during the pandemic.

“Sometimes my shelves are bare for a week or two while I’m waiting on shipments to come in and then I get them all at once and then they are okay,” Bishop Herr said.

“With the whole masks and everything, how people feel about one way or the other, vaccination, not vaccination,” March said.

And come up with new ways to keep business flowing.

“We do a lot of online sales, we do subscription boxes, we do free local delivery, we do pick up in store,” Bishop Herr said.

But, small businesses told us despite these challenges they are doing well right now.

“Everybody has really reinvented themselves and have tried to come out stronger on the other side,” March said.

And the pandemic not only taught them new lessons, but also showed how unity can make a difference.

“It also has just opened my eyes to just basically as a business owner make sure you don’t put yourself in a certain situation again,” March said.

“I think that we all really need to relearn that behavior because we are all in this together and the more we work together the more successful we will all be,” Bishop Herr said.

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