One step closer to a Berlin community center becoming a reality

BERLIN, Md.- The town of Berlin is one step closer to having a new community center.

Berlin Mayor Zach Tyndall said the council has been working for a while to acquire a parcel of property for the center.

They want it to go where the former Flower Street School once was.

A community center planning committee has been hard at work, they need to determine what type of services will be provided at the center, hours of operation, amenities, and more.

But at last week’s town council meeting, the council moved one step closer to making the community center happen.

“There was an approval to do what’s called a budget amendment and that budget amendment allows the town of Berlin to enter into a contract to acquire that parcel of property for $45,000,” Mayor Zach Tyndall said.

“We are definitely putting the pieces of the puzzle together that are going to involve the steps that are going to need to be done in order to have a community center,” Mayor Tyndall said.

Mayor Tyndall said while progress is being made the town will have to go to settlement on the property that they’re looking to acquire before the dream becomes a reality.

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