Local florists busy with homecoming orders, but the pandemic still presenting challenges for them

DELMARVA – Homecoming Season is finally here.

It’s a time that many students lost out on last year due to the pandemic, which means florists weren’t busy taking orders for the big day.

“Last year I don’t believe we had many homecomings, if we had any at all, I think we had some private ones,” Robin Gravenor, Vice President of Kitty’s Flowers, said.

But, this year it’s a different story for florists.

“Milford’s High School’s homecoming is the weekend of the first and the second so we have started to get orders for that,” Donald Vaughan, Co-owner of Not Too Shabby, said.

“We have more orders this year and it is getting busier,” Gravenor said.

While both Kitty’s Flowers in Salisbury and Not Too Shabby in Milford are seeing more business, the pandemic is still presenting challenges.

“Sometimes people have an expectation for a particular color of flowers and that can be difficult for us to get our hands on, in regards to shipping issues or whether that farms those items just don’t have that,” Vaughan said.

“We are seeing a big shortage right now in light color and white roses more weddings are happening so therefore it’s draining the market and now we have homecoming coming on,” Gravenor said.

Florists said there is a plus though; more orders keep them busy and could be a leg up financially.

“Because flowers are something that everyone remembers and they want photos with and things like that during a formal occasion I think, I don’t wanna use the word force, but I think it will force to be a little bit more interested in that,” Vaughan said.

While these florists will have their hands tied getting flowers ready for students, they have some recommendations for customers.

“In regards to just pre-planning, pictures help when someone comes in to place an order to kind of get an idea, but just be patient with us, allow us to get the items understanding that some things might not be available,” Vaughan said.

Local flower shops are also recommending you order early to have the best chance to get what you want.

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