Helping pets adjust at home

MARYLAND – As students head back to school and some adults head back to the office after working from home, pets could be feeling lonely left at home.

Dr. Marianne Bailey, owner of Queenstown Veterinary Hospital, says you may notice a change in your pet’s behavior as they adjust to a new schedule or an empty house. Dogs or cats could become lethargic, could lose their appetite, even not want to play with their favorite toy.

Dr. Bailey says they’re intuitive animals, so you can help them through the adjustment by starting early and preparing them.

“You could start early, if you haven’t had to make that transition yet, maybe start now where you get up in the morning, you set an alarm, you shower, you go do something for a little bit, and then come back, just to get them used to that departure,” Bailey says.

Dr. Bailey said cats and dogs are so smart, they can even learn the sound of your alarm or your shower turning on, and associate that with you leaving the house. She says it could also be helpful to have a trusted friend or family member check in on pets if you’re going to be gone for longer than normal.

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