Downtown Salisbury Businesses Expect Sales Boost From Folk Festival

SALISBURY, Md. – Local businesses say they’re already seeing a boost in sales and hoping for even more ahead of the Folk Festival this weekend.

Angello’s Scoops in downtown Salisbury is one of them. Manager Nicole Rogers told 47ABC  they have already seen more folks working downtown coming in and driving up sales, despite the closure of North Division Street and the downtown parking lot. 

She says, with the festival in full swing, she expects a significant increase in customers walking in her door.

“We super excited to have an event in downtown Salisbury after covid the folk festival is back we got lots of staff ready to go ice cream sells really well at the festival its is a crowd-pleaser, the weather looks beautiful we are gonna sell a lot of ice cream,” she said.

The Folk Festival will kick off Friday with music, vendors, and the celebration.

Rogers says the events like the Folk Festival in Salisbury’s downtown was one of the reasons they chose their current brick and mortar location. 

“It’s a perfect location and we came in for 2019 for the last folk fest and it was a great time for us and we’re hoping this year will be great too,” she said.

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