Biden says more rapid at-home COVID tests will help curb wave, pharmacy says supply is low

FRUITLAND, Md.- President Joe Biden is betting on millions of more rapid at-home tests to help curb the wave of COVID-19, but one local pharmacy said this may make things difficult.

Apple Discount Drugs in Fruitland said right now the biggest challenge pharmacies are facing is getting their hands on the rapid-at-home tests.

They said the supply chain is hindered and they are checking multiple times a day through their whole sellers.

While, the pharmacy said they do think the tests are another tool in the tool box during the pandemic, getting over the supply issue won’t be easy.

“Assuming that the supply chain can pick up and meet the demand it’s absolutely possible to have the result that they are anticipating, but until we can really ramp up the supply chain and that’s going to be tough to accomplish,” Zachary Sherr, Director of Store Operations, at Apple Discount Drugs, said.

Sherr said  in the past when they have been able to get rapid at home tests they are usually gone by the end of the day, if they even make it that long.

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