UMES get’s over $200K in grant funding to boost vaccine confidence, education

PRINCESS ANNE, Md.- The University of Maryland Eastern Shore is getting some money to boost vaccine confidence and education.

They are getting over $200,000 in grant funding through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture and the Cooperative Extension System.

This will be a two part project.

One of the grants amounts to $26,000, and it’ll go towards education about the vaccines, while collaborating with community partners.

The second grant is for $200,000 where they will focus on the barriers and why people are not getting vaccinated.

“We go in the community start talking with the community members, community organizations, and then we get together to put together events or one or two events, and then we start the education and continue talking to them, as I said it’s a conversation,” Dr. Virginie Zoumenou, a Professor of Dietetics and Nutrition at UMES, said.

We’re told the $26,000 grant is for one year, the other is for two years.

In addition, to the funding UMES will see what kind of tools community members already have and then work on improvements.

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