Starboard Restaurant gearing up for Running of the Bull on Saturday

DEWEY BEACH, Del. – In just a few short days, the Starboard Restaurant will be hosting its annual Running of the Bull. It’s a tradition in Dewey Beach. But for those unfamiliar, hundreds are expected to fill the streets to watch and take part in a bull chase. It’s not an actual bull, rather a guy in a bull suit. “It’s a silly, fun day. That sums it up. It’s done to just be good-natured,” said co-owner of the Starboard Restaurant Steve Montgomery.

Of course, there will also be plenty of food and drinks to go around. And it’s all for a good cause. Money collected will be donated to the Rehoboth Beach Volunteer Fire Company. “Years ago we turned it into a fundraiser for our local Rehoboth Beach Volunteer Fire guys. So, that’s a big part of it for us because we love to give back. When you’re doing something this big that takes this much work, let’s make it benefit something worthy,” said Montgomery.

Organizers say real bull-wrangling action or not, it’s also a chance for people to connect once again and forget about the worries of the world. “This is a town that puts smiles on people’s faces, and everybody lets their hair down. They generally are well-behaved and have fun, and that’s what this event is really all about. It’s really good people coming to have fun, laugh, have some cocktails, and just enjoy life,” said Montgomery.

The Running of the Bull is set to take place in front of the Starboard Restaurant on Saturday, August 21st. Organizers say they’re expecting a large crowd. So, be sure to get there early. He also says staff are already thinking ahead to next year, to make the 25th anniversary even bigger and better.

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