Salisbury residents, city officials and CJRTF discuss ways to move forward for the city



SALISBURY, Md. – On Saturday, Salisbury residents, the Mayor, police, and the Criminal Justice Reform Task Force (CJRTF) came together for a listening session. We’re told this is part of their efforts to address changes residents and officials want to see in the community. “Any police agency is only as successful as the amount of community participation exist.,” says Salisbury Chief of police, Barbara Duncan.

Listening, communicating, and making change; Saturday’s CJRTF listening session gave residents and city officials a chance to voice their concerns about the community. “I think the task force is working to get community to participate and have their voices heard, and share information and experiences so that they can make recommendations to the Mayor’s office,” says Chief Duncan.

We’re told the task force is meant to represent community members in Salisbury, while also addressing the relationship between them and police; and one the suggestions were to bring back sub stations. “We have the officers going out to the schools and interacting with the young children in the community from all different diverse backgrounds,” says a member of the task force, Kendra Hayward.

A concern for one resident involved training for both community members and officers, “Our children need to be trained, they need to be educated too. We talk about training officers, we need to train our children,” say Anthony Dickerson with the Christian homeless shelter.

Dickerson also tells us, there must be more forward thinking to actually make tangible changes in the city. “If there is a concern, let’s not blow up Salisbury, but lets go to the source and lets find out why is this happening in our community,” says Dickerson.

Chief Duncan says, all of that input isn’t going unnoticed. She tell us, in the future, it’ll help guide them and the residents they protect, toward making Salisbury a stronger community. “How much is our community willing to step up and participate to make sure that, that vision actually comes into reality,” says Chief Duncan.

Fore more information on the task force, you can click here.

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