Proton Treatment Center changing cancer treatment strategy

MARYLAND – Cancer patients have a unique opportunity for a treatment regiment in Maryland that is different than normal radiation.

It’s called proton therapy and it’s exclusively offered at the Maryland Proton Treatment Center.

With normal radiation treatment, doctors say that radiation can reach parts of the body outside of a tumor or where the cancer is. But with proton therapy, it’s a more localized, targeted radiation, meaning there’s less exposure to overall radiation.

“Proton is a charged particle, so when it goes to the tumor, it literally stops at the tumor and deposits all of its radiation dose, so there’s no additional dose exposure beyond that,” Dr. William Regine, the Executive Director of the center, said.

Dr. Regine says all different types of cancer can be treated using proton therapy and it can be especially beneficial for younger patients who could see long term effects of radiation.

If you want more information or to find out if you’re a good candidate for the treatment, just visit their website.

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