Police reminding public to drive safely as school year approaches

DOVER, Del. – As school busses, parents, and students get back on the roads, police are reminding the public to drive safely around students. Seargent Mark Hoffman with Dover Police Department says the biggest thing to remember is to never pass a stopped school bus. Plus, he says you should slow down when following one, and watch for any flashing signals that show the bus is about to stop. “For our motorists, it’s been almost two years since we’ve seen kids in school full time. We’re going to see a significant increase in bus traffic and vehicle traffic, and bicycle and pedestrian traffic as well. So, with school coming back in session over the next few days across the state, we encourage drivers to allow for extra time,” said Sgt. Hoffman.

For kids biking or walking to school, Sgt. Hoffman says it’s important to make sure that their kids know safe travel practices and traffic laws. “For bikers, obviously we want to make sure that they have helmets that are snug on their heads and fit properly, and they understand the bike rules and regulations on the roads, even at a young age, just to avoid any potential accidents,” said Sgt. Hoffman.

Sgt. Hoffman also says he hopes teens driving to high school will follow traffic safety. He says nobody should be texting while driving, and everyone should be staying alert and driving safely. “Allow ample time for your commute because there’s going to be an increase in pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Probably the biggest thing for that younger demographic is pay attention to the roads. Don’t be texting on your phone when you’re driving. Just please pay attention. We don’t want to see anybody hurt or killed,” said Sgt. Hoffman.

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