Parent and student weigh in on mask mandates for this school year

DELMARVA- There are many different opinions on whether students should wear masks this upcoming school year.

With COVID-19 cases climbing, talk of mask requirements is a hot topic.

We asked both students and parents about their thoughts on a mask mandate as the new school year quickly approaches.

“I feel since its the same people going in and out of the school I feel like we just don’t need them, we can just do our regular COVID checks and if you’re sick stay home,” Lauren Henderson, a Senior at Delmarva Christian, said.

” I think that we are okay with it because we want to have our kids back in school, whatever it takes to make it happen and to prevent the spread of COVID,” Tony Weeg, a Worcester County parent, said.

Lauren Henderson, an upcoming senior, said while she’s upset about having to wear masks, she’s also afraid that things are going to shut down again and that she won’t get a normal senior year.

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