New women’s council formed to empower and inspire Salisbury woman

SALISBURY, Md.- A new group has been created to give professional women a place to come together and network.

The group is known as the The Women’s Leadership Council and it was formed in partnership with the Greater Salisbury Committee.

We are told their mission is to inspire and empower women in the area.

The Founder of the group said they feel there’s a need for something like this.

And she is excited to see women using their specialties to bring unique perspectives into the community.

“We are looking for connection, especially after this tough year, we are looking for inspiration, what really matters in our lives, especially right now and we are looking for some professional development and some educational and topics of interests but really we are looking to become a catalyst in the community for making the difference in lives of others,” Jessica Eisemann, Founder of WLC, said.

Jessica Eisemann said the council will also be hosting events on topics like self-defense, women in STEM, diversity and inclusion, and professional development.

We’re told the first event will be held September 24 from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in Perdue Hall at Salisbury University.

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