Live Green: Iron Skillet Coffee

Berlin, MD– There’s nothing better than a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning. But, what about coffee that does more than wake you up? Iron Skillet Coffee in Berlin not only makes a great cup of joe, but they also take care of the environment.

Jeff Smith, the owner of Iron Skillet Coffee, knows a thing or two about what it takes to make a great cup of coffee.

“It’s very earthy. I’m not talking about the taste. I mean that it is very grounded in the earth. There are a several dozen steps it takes to get a cup of coffee in someone’s hands. And it starts with a farmer,” stated Jeff Smith.

Iron Skillet Coffee purchases coffee beans from small, family owned farms around the world, stretching from South America to Africa and Asia. According to Jeff, the remoteness of these farms forces the farmers to practice organic growing methods like composting instead of using pesticides.

“My idea is to get it as fresh to you as possible. In my mind, coffee doesn’t taste as good after a month. My bags are sealed and fresh. They’re not completely air tight because I want them to be completely compostable because the coffee itself is compostable. You should be able to take everything that I give you and dump it in your backyard garden,” said Smith.

Jeff says composting is easy. All you have to do is take the valve off the bag and then you can compost it. Plus, he says coffee grounds are a great source of nitrogen to add to your composting bin. And Jeff says you can cut down your waste even more by eliminating paper coffee filters.

“I use these things called coffee socks. This one as you can tell is very used. It’s a piece of unbleached cotton and you can filter your coffee through one of those,” explained Smith.

According to researchers, 80% of the worlds population are coffee consumers, which is why Iron Skillet Coffee puts as much into the earth as they take out. Jeff says not only does he work to ensure you have the freshest cup of coffee, but the greenest cup of coffee too.

“If we instead, take the things that we have, including the waste that comes from roasting beans because there is stuff that comes off the beans that is useless, and put it all back into the earth. This is how we’re going to get more stuff,” said Smith.

Jeff says you can purchase his coffee at the Berlin Commons Coffee Hour on Thursdays, the Trimpers Greenmarket on Fridays, and the Berlin Farmers Market on Sundays. Plus, if you live in Berlin, he can deliver coffee to you on his bicycle and they ship all over Maryland. To get in contact with him, you can visit his website or find him on social media (@ironskilletcoffee).

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