Labor Day weekend is upon us, businesses looking forward to boosting their bottom line

DELMARVA- This weekend is traditionally a big one for resort towns with people celebrating Labor Day in places like Rehoboth and Ocean City, which is great for businesses.

“Now, Labor Day weekend is always a great weekend, in fact the whole month of September is great for all of our businesses,” Phil Houck, owner of Bull on the Beach, said.

Last year due to the pandemic, there were COVID-19 restrictions during this time like capacity and masking protocols.

“Labor Day was a little tough last year because we did have the restrictions and we really didn’t have the outside seating that we do now,” Warren Rosenfeld, owner of Rosenfeld’s Deli, said.

“Well, last year we do not want another year like least year that was a very bad year,” Houck said.

This time around though businesses don’t have to worry about COVID-19 restrictions.

But Warren Rosenfeld, the owner of Rosenfelds Deli, said while he thinks many people will be down for the holiday he feel’s some are still scared to dine inside.

“The spike itself will effect business, but for me personally it will mostly effect my carry out to dine in mix and my dine inside to dine outside mix,” Rosenfeld said.

And over in Ocean City, Houck said one challenge people can expect to see at his restaurants is service being a little slow, due to staffing shortages.

“Well, this year we have more people what’s hard for us this year we have a lack of employees, so really we are only half staffed,” Houck said.

Despite these challenges, both owners told 47ABC they think overall it’s going to be a big weekend.

“So, we have already have had dozens of orders for Rosh Hashanah meals, Rosh Hashanah food and that’s a real win for us personally on Labor Day,” Warren said.

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