JBF sale brings hope for Delaware residents as they look towards the holiday season

HARRINGTON, Del. – Delaware residents got a chance this weekend to shop for some much needed items, at a discounted cost. However, we’re told this year supply shortages are a big reason to get your holiday shopping done pretty early. Organizations like ‘Just Between Friends‘ (JBF) are helping families get their necessities, and in an affordable way. “Pocket wise,  it fits your budget, it fits you, it fits your family so I kind of like that concept of it here,” says Heather Sampson, a shopper and Mother. Owner of Just Between Friends Middleneck/Dover branch, Eileen Cordero says, “Here we allow parents to say yes to their kids, they walk around and say yes you can have it because the prices are so low and the quality is really high.”

JBF consignment sales helps community members save money and make money on kids clothes, toys, shoes, and equipment, but with major discounts. An sale that some families tell us, is much needed right now. “Well having three girls under the age of six, it’s expensive,” says shopper and JBF volunteer, Christy Jester. She adds, “You can’t go to Wal-Mart or Target and buy a whole outfit for $2, here you can.”

Shoppers we spoke with say, they’ve been shopping at these sales for years but this year it means a little more to them. “Especially now when we don’t have the jobs or the means to get them by, the affordability is what is actually drawing people here,” says Sampson.

Event organizers also say, each sale allows them to gain a larger audience, giving more families opportunities to be a part of this one stop shop that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Sampson tells 47 ABC, “Right now with things that are going on, it’s stressful. Yes you have your baby showers but nobody really knows what is actually needed.”

Although the August sale ended on Sunday, we’re told this sale was a preview of their fall one that’s sure to bring in double the amount of families just looking for much needed items after a rough year. “So the deals are amazing, the items are here and we’re just trying to support the community,” states Cordero. Jester adds, “It takes a village to raise a child, and I firmly believe in that and the people that you meet here are here to help each other.”

Event organizers tell us the items that don’t sell will be donated to charity. They also tell us, part of their mission is to keep unwanted toys out of the landfill and given to families who need them.

The next consignment sale is October 5th though the 9th located at the Dover Indoor tennis building.

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