Incoming town manager hopes past experience will bring Snow Hill growth

SNOW HILL, Md. – The town of Snow Hill is ending the summer with some new hands in charge. Rick Pollitt was really announced as the new town manager of Snow Hill. Pollitt tells us, he has over 25 years of experience in government, making him just right for the job. “Being able to work toward a vision and implement a plan to make that vision happen, I think is the best thing that I’ve been able to bring from my other places,” says Pollitt.

He tells 47 ABC, his life has been centered around public service. His experience includes, a county executive of Wicomico County, city manager in Fruitland, city manager in Crisfield, part of the planning and zoning committee in Somerset county, and much more. “I’ve got a very strong familiarity with how government works, what it should do. I’m one of those few people who can say with a straight face that I’m from the government and I’m here to help,” says Pollitt.

He says with his experience and desire to help the community with his position in local government, he hopes to focus on budgeting, being transparent, and giving residents a chance to voice their opinions and concerns to continue helping the town grow. “I think with what I’ve learned over the years, and places I’ve been, successes we’ve had, it should be a good fit for Snow Hill,” says Pollitt. He adds, “We want everyone represented, the door has to be open. There are no crazy ideas, we want everyone to feel that they can walk into town hall, talk about a complaint, talk about a suggestion, just say how they think things can be better or where we can try new things. We just want everybody to fell welcome to be engaged.”

We’re also told, Pollitt hopes to focus on the damage the pandemic had on the town of Snow Hill, and figure out ways he can work with residents, businesses and town officials to recover.

Rick Pollitt will officially begin his duties as Snow Hill town manager on September 8th.

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