Governor Hogan visits vaccine clinic in Worcester County

SNOW HILL, Md.-  Governor Larry Hogan visited the Worcester County health department, which is one of the local vaccination clinics, to thank the workers.

And of course to highlight the importance of getting vaccinated.

Governor Hogan said  people should be taking the pandemic seriously.

And if you aren’t here’s why you should.

Right now 100 percent of all Maryland’s hospitalizations and deaths are unvaccinated people.

He said you can see it in nursing homes as well, where the best nursing homes in the state are having 95 percent or more of their staff vaccinated, but the worst ones in the 40’s.

“That’s just unacceptable because whats happened throughout this pandemic is the nursing home residents are, they aren’t leaving the facilities, they are in there, the virus is being brought in by infected staff members,” Governor Hogan said.

Governor Hogan said they’re not considering another mask mandate right now.

He said when it comes to booster shots, at some point people are going to need one.

But the Governor said there are conflicting guidelines coming from the federal government, and they’re asking them to be a little bit more clear on their recommendations.

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