EPA bans use of chlorpyrifos on food crops, UMES to help farmers look for other methods of pest control

PRINCESS ANNE, Md.- A new announcement from the Environmental Protection Agency is banning the use of chlorpyrifos on food crops.

A University of Maryland Eastern Shore professor told 47ABC the chemical is widely used to control different pests in food crops and in places like houses or golf courses.

He said using it can have a toxic impact on both humans and animals, including issues with the nervous system and mental development.

We’re told the ban from using it on food crops is positive for farmers and the University will continue to help them look for other methods of pest control.

“Banning this insecticides it’s important but it’s also a good thing for our farmers,” Dr. Simon Zebelo, Associate Professor of Entomology at UMES, said.

“Also, our farmers will face will look for alternatives so that will be part of our job here at UMES to help farmers figure out what alternatives,” Dr. Zebelo said.

While the chemical can not be used on vegetables or fruit, it can still be used in other industries.

Dr. Zebelo, the UMES professor you just heard from, added there are alternatives for pest management, but they have limitations.

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